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What’s in a day?

No pressure, but as front office manager your department is the first and last impression that a guest has of the hotel, so it’s your job to ensure it’s a good one. Top of the list of responsibilities is to make sure your receptionists on the front desk are well-trained, friendly and offer a warm welcome and speedy, efficient check-in and check-out service for guests. Key responsibilities:

  • Managing and training the concierge, night auditor and team of receptionists
  • Ensuring the front desk provides a professional and friendly service for customers
  • Dealing with customers, including handling complaints when they come to the desk
  • Troubleshooting emergencies
  • Scheduling your staff rota
  • Liaising with other departments

In some hotels, you may also have to handle telephone sales outside office hours


What sort of hours will I work?

You’ll work a scheduled front desk shift, but you’ll need to be available to work any shift needed – how long is a typical shift? Normal weekly hours of 35-40 expected?


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What’s the best bit about being a front office manager?

According to the team at COREcruitment, the best bit is the positive impact you can have on guests: “You’re the face of the hotel. You set the tone for guests while they stay there.”


And the worst?

Well, there’s no getting away from the fact it’s a crucial role with no room for shirking. “You’ll have to work irregular shift patterns sometimes and you may also have to cover shifts at short notice.”


What skills do I need?
  • Good telephone skills, particularly if you also look after telesales
  • Diplomacy and communication skills to handle any complaints and emergencies in a level-headed manner
  • The ability to multitask and manage your time
  • No fear of decision-making
What qualifications do I need?

A hospitality-related degree or diploma will always stand you in good stead and there are lots of vocational courses to choose from. Look out for companies offering training programmes for receptionists as that will ease your entry into this position, too.


Who would it suit?

You’ll be in the public eye and occasionally having to deal with difficult guests, so the one thing you can’t be is shy. However, if you like people and have a flair for communication and leadership, you’ll make a great front office manager.


What sort of salary can I expect?

Roughly £20,000-£29,000 depending on the location and style of hotel.


Where can I go from here?

If you’ve got what it takes, you can progress to deputy manager and general manager.

Source: contributions from Krishnan Doyle and the hospitality specialists at COREcruitment

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