Gastronomixs – Thousands of recipes, always in your pocket

The culinary platform helps their 28,000+ users to be able to always find inspiration and never stop learning in their culinary careers.

Building blocks for endless culinary creations

Gastronomixs provides students, teachers and chefs with building blocks for endless culinary creations and stimulates the creative thinking process. It’s a digital platform that allows you to browse through thousands of professional tried and tested recipes, create entirely new dishes or learn more about certain cooking techniques. The platform simplifies your creative process by looking at ‘components’.

A component is a basic preparation method that revolves around one single ingredient. A component is not a dish, but part of a dish. You could think of components as being LEGO® bricks. They give you the ultimate freedom to create new dishes or adjust existing ones.

For example, you enter the ingredient ‘tomato’ on the platform. Your results will show all the techniques that work with tomato, so think jelly, compote, sorbet, crisp, powder etc. One quick search on a familiar ingredient you commonly use can introduce you to applications of that ingredients that you had not previously considered.

On Gastronomixs you find components of ingredients, such as tomato, salmon, pork belly and green herbs. Next to this you will also find components of basic recipes such as dough, sauces and dressings and also you can find components of techniques, e.g.: cooking sous vide, fermenting or marinating.

What’s on Gastronomixs?

The most important part of Gastronomixs are the 4,000 components that you can find by using the search bar. And this number keeps on growing every week! Besides this, there is a lot more to find:

  • Extensive seasonal calendar
  • Product knowledge of ingredients
  • Explanation of kitchen techniques
  • Articles and blogs with background information

The extensive seasonal calendar allows you to discover when products are the cheapest and have the best taste. Ideal for composing seasonal dishes and menus!

With the articles and blogs you are able to deepen your knowledge in a fun way, whenever you want. There are dozens of articles available on product knowledge and cooking techniques.

Your culinary partner for your whole career

On Gastronomixs you can find recipes of all levels and of all styles. New recipes and knowledge are added on a weekly basis. Gastronomixs will be always at your side in your career and will help you by stimulating your creativity!

Working with recipes that are shared and used by professional chefs

All recipes on Gastronomixs are tried and tested in the Gastronomixs Test Kitchen, based in The Netherlands. The platform is used by over 28,000 professional chefs and students. The recipes are created by the culinary team – but also shared by many world renowned chefs. When selecting chefs who share recipes, the originality, quality, and practicality of the recipes are key. With the launch of the renewed platform in July, 120 new recipes have been added by 4 fantastic chefs: Merijn van Berlo (Netherlands), Benoit Dewitte* (Belgium), Jp McMahon* (Ireland) and Ben Murphy (England). The recipes shared include typical examples, such as those from classic preparations, unique fermentation techniques, and high-end components like ‘crystal bread’, to preparations of wild picked herbs and flowers. In the future more chefs will share components with users of Gastronomixs.

Collections to organize your inspiration

To better organize your inspiration, do your homework or prepare your lessons, you can easily store components in a so-called collection. A collection can be a dish, a selection of your favourite components or a thematic collection (e.g. all dessert components or components with fermentation as a technique). Already thousands of chefs created collections on the platform.

So you can save all your favorites in your collections. But you can also quickly create new dishes. Imagine you want to get started with the fish corvina. You want to get started with the lightly smoked corvina terrine. At serving suggestions you can see that this combines well with tomato, jalapeño, and Huacatay mint. Then look for suitable components and you can create an unique new dish in just a few minutes!

Gastronomixs in your pocket

To keep the platform in your pocket, you can install a shortcut to the Gastronomixs website on your mobile phone. If you have an Android phone and use Chrome, you can tap the menu button and tap ‘Add to homescreen’. If you are using iOS with Safari, then click on the square from which a small arrow is pointing upwards. Then select ‘add to home screen’.

Student and Teacher accounts

Currently Gastronomixs offers special Student and Teacher accounts in The Netherlands. With Gastronomixs Education, we bridge the gap between practice and culinary education. With a license, schools have the option to use Gastronomixs for both theory and practical lessons to a higher gastronomic level. In a modern way students work with an online tool that will last them for the rest of their lives, as it will become a vital part of their equipment as a professional cook. Student and Teacher accounts are not available yet in the UK and Ireland, but will be introduced soon.
Are you interested in working with Gastronomixs in your lessons? Please contact Gastronomixs via the website.

The days of scribbling down ideas on bill pads, scraps of paper or on the back of used menus is long over. You too can test Gastronomixs for yourself without any obligation. Simply visit the website, register and get 2 weeks of access for free.

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