Festive Caramelized pineapple, passion fruit and Physalis. Shiso green leave, Honny Cress, Floregano


  • Floregano 4 pieces
  • Honny Cress 1 punnet
  • Green Shiso leaves 2 pieces
  • Small pineapple. 1 each
  • Physalis 12 each
  • Passion fruits 2 each
  • Dried rose petals 4 small pinch
  • Stollen cake 4 fine slices
  • Light brown sugar 100gr
  • Salty caramel crumbles 1 tbsp
  • Water
To make 4 portions
  • Cut in half the Shiso green leaves.
  • Peel and cut the pineapple into 4 wedges, remove the core (the hard part) and dust in pieces with the light brown sugar.
  • Roast the pineapple pieces in a hot oven for 15 minutes and finish the process with a blow torch to add a smoky flavour.
  • Make a syrup with the rest of the sugar and water and dip the Physalis into it.
  • Roll 4 physalis into the salty caramel crumbles.
  • Serve with the seeds of the passion fruits, rose petals, floregano, freshly cut honny Cress, half of Shiso green leave and the fine slice of Stollen cake.

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