One planet,
one vision.

The world needs our help. Years of burning fossil fuels, landfill sites at capacity, plastics that will not degrade for thousands of years floating and sinking into our oceans and ocean beds. Over fishing, bad land management, nitrogen fertilisers – the list goes on and on. We have one planet, there is no planet B. We must all play a leading role in the production of the most important play to date.

Sustainability is a word that can be thrown around quite lightly. In actual fact, sustainability is not simply about where you buy your food from. There is a whole list of other factors to consider if you want to be part of a truly sustainable hospitality business;

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Any job should be sustainable for the employee, and also for the employer. This includes pay, conditions, hours, training and support. Please check back to your Career page for more in-depth detail on sustainable employment

A sustainable commercial kitchen is the dream-goal of almost all chefs and business owners in the UK. With so many pieces of equipment, machinery, steel, refrigeration in one room, the potential to burn energy unnecessarily is quite high. Specialist companies such as CHR equipment are leading the way in creating energy efficient, locally made (where possible) commercial kitchens. Read all about the incredible installation at Michael Wignalls Angel at Hetton below:

Do you all arrive at work in separate cars? Is that necessary? If possible, look at car-shares. Even better if you can cycle to work. Get the team together and work out what you could do – even if it is just one small thing. They all add up to one large thing.

Single use plastics are out. Cardboard, compostable or recyclable packaging is in. Period.

The hospitality sector can produce quite a lot of food waste. Think about a buffet, at the end of the shift there is often food left over. Fortunately, there are organisations like a food sharing app these days that can collect left over food and distribute it for you.

Alternatively, there is a great deal of creativity and talent in not wasting food. If there is flavour, there is a recipe to be created! Some of the best staff food we have ever had has been created from off cuts and trimmings.

We are now so lucky to have incredible suppliers and agencies looking after our planet with us. From chocolate to fish, microgreens to plant-based foods to coffee – below are just a few examples of companies we know are making a huge contribution to our sustainable future. Click on their logo to find out how important their work is.

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