Why Hospitality

Our UK Hospitality sector rivals that of our international peers. We have the best pubs, most exciting restaurants, incredible hotels, innovative contract caterers, brilliant bars and a fast growing cafe culture. Thats not to mention the more casual scene - food trucks, pop-up events, festivals, fish and chip shops. And the essential scene, the chefs feeding our patients in hospitals, the guys and girls cooking for our military. The list is pretty endless. You see, wherever you look in the UK, you see hospitality. And here, in Great Britain and Ireland, we do it spectacularly well.

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There are many opportunities that sit within the hospitality sector, and very many reasons to join. Whatever your personality - shy or confident, creative or practical - there is a role that will suit you. It could be that you fancy an office based career in marketing or public relations. It could be that you have a natural flair for baking, that the messing about you did in the kitchen when you were younger actually signalled that you should consider training as a chef. Perhaps you just love hanging out with people and like being part of the action, which would mean you are perfect to represent front of house.

It could be that you have a meticulous attention to detail, to making sure everything is perfect - if the tiny details in a room matter to you, then take a look at some of the careers within hotels - you could be overseeing the preparation of guest rooms in any one of our amazing hotels, or planning the very last detail of a special countryside wedding venue. Like to be an anchor, to be relied upon and make a massive difference? If you are organised, neat and efficient then you could consider what most chefs often say is one of the most critical roles in a kitchen, the person everyone relies on, a porter.

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Whatever your personality, shy or confident, creative or practical - there is a role that will suit you.

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